Cornerstone Crossroads Academy is a private high school in South Dallas that gives students a second chance at a high school education. The school is entering its 11th year of operation. Student enrollment comes from referrals from counselors, churches, local community outreach centers, the South Dallas Juvenile Probation Officers and work of mouth. Upon graduation, they are awarded a high school diploma and many attend college.

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CCA has been gifted with a beautiful historic house on South Boulevard, only blocks from the school.  This house will become future student housing for several students and will be named the “Student Leadership House”.  These men living in the house will be 17 and older and currently enrolled or recent graduates of CCA who are working and beginning college or trade school. The young men will live in the house with 2 resident assistants and will contribute to chores, prepare meals, become financially responsibility and will engage in a family-like environment with others in the home.

We are working with a great team of teachers, students, volunteers and sponsors. We would love to have you join us on the journey!

CCA Leadership House Key Points


To provide residential discipleship for young men, ages 17 and older, who are completing their high school diploma, working, and beginning college or trade school.


To develop young men for Christian community leadership through 24/7 life-on-life discipleship.


Up to 8 young men will live in the house with 2 Resident Assistants. All residents will work and go to school. The 2nd story of the house will be used for students and 1 RA. The 1st floor of the house will be used for 1 RA apartment and large open spaces for school expansion.

Residents will be asked to contribute to the chores, preparing some meals, and to become financially responsible, applying Faith & Finance principles of giving, saving, and paying bills.

Residents will engage in family-like times together, including meals, activities, Bible studies, and serving together.

Operating Expenses

Operating: CCA is working with other residential program directors to estimate the operating expenses. Our current estimate is $75,000 annually, which includes utilities, RA stipends, and food. Funds raised toward the construction expenses will be applied toward the rent.

Construction Costs

Cornerstone Baptist Church owns the house and has provided a long-term lease agreement to CCA for the purpose of the Student Leadership House. Current estimates for the restoration of the house are approximately $213,000. CCA has received $77,500 to date.