Update on the CCA Leadership House

Dear devoted CCA Leadership House Supporter –

As you know, we are busy working on a leadership house to provide a home to 6-8 male students at CCA. Originally, we had been given a house a few blocks from the school. Our desire was to rework the home in an effort to convert it to the proper functionality for the leadership house. As many of you know, we did some amazing work and have thought through many different design aspects, everything from a Pirch Party to room layouts to paint colors.

As we proceeded with the plan, several inspectors revealed that this might not be the best house to provide a home for this many students. While we were disappointed, we prayed and continued to let God guide us. We were later offered a different piece of land just across the street from the school. This new option would allow us build from the ground up and allow us to achieve our overall vision and safety for the leadership house. In addition, it will also allow Cornerstone Baptist Church the opportunity to continue remodeling on the existing house to provide housing to a single family.

We are currently working out the details on the property lines as well as bringing water and sewage to the new property. We have also had several supporters step forward offering to help with the new venture. In the next several weeks, we hope to have more answers on where the property is and if it will be viable for us to continue our work.

In the meantime, please know how much we appreciate your patience on this small detour. In addition, we want you to know that all of your work will not go to waste. Pastor Chris is very grateful for the floor plans that were created that will continue to be utilized for the single family home. We also plan to move ahead using the same color palette and ideas that we had for all of our rooms. We plan to put those plans into play again, once we secured the land, builder, etc.

So hold tight! We hope to have more exciting news soon as we proceed ahead. Until then, be sure to keep our Pirch party on Thursday, April 6th on your calendar. A small team of us is starting to work the details on this and our plans will include featuring all of you and the work you have done (and will continue to do) as we move ahead.


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